Here is a record of your fonts and colors for matching on Social media. All videos and pictures are stock from WIX and cleared for your use as a WIX subscriber 


Below is the HEX chart of colors used on your site. The HEX colors are universal and can be matched off WIX to maintain branding. Each HEX matches each corresponding position on the chart. 


Here are a list of the Fonts used throughout your website. 


Open Sans

Open Sans Condensed


Linotype Didot

Avenir Light 

PlayFair Display


FFFFFF         C2C6DO      B5CBE6       D4DEED      DED8D3   

CCCCCC       9396A2       769CCD      ADCODA      BDB5AF

AOAO9F      6A6773        3B4E67      57606D        9C8F85 

605E5E        323644        1E2733      2B3037         685F59

2F2E2E        191B22        1E2733      2B3037         34302C

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.18.08 PM_ed